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Our New Website

Primary Technology have been creating school websites for years, but we decided as we've grown and grown to dedicate a website just for this purpose, and Edusite was born!

Not only do we create websites, but a range of services intended to offer you the full package, whatever your digital or print design needs are.

We'll be adding news and tips here on a regular basis, so please check back to see what we've been up to.


With IT becoming a huge part of children's learning, eSafety is becoming more and more prominent. It's vital that children are using IT in safe environments and they are well educated and aware of the dangers online. We've put together a list of some useful resources and a few quick tips.

eSafety tips

New Ofsted Requirements

We're well aware as we're sure you will be on the importance Ofsted are putting on your school website.

With every school website we work on, we'll encourage you as best we can to check your website includes all the required elements and we've put together a useful document containing the Ofsted website information.

Whilst we are here to support you, we cannot guarantee that we will be 100% accurate due to Ofsted changing their requirements on a regular basis. We would encourage schools to check the requirements and review their website on a recurring basis.

Our training sessions can be used to help you add content to your website so that if you review it and find you have things missing, you can add items yourself. This is charged at the same price as normal website training.

ofsted website guidance

Project Planner

When you decide to work with Edusite on your new school design project, you'll receive a visit from your dedicated designer (or designers if it's a large project!) who will go through a scoping document with you to gather information about your school and design requirements. In order to help you prepare for this, we've put together a simple project planner to help you have a think about your ideas before we arrive.

project planner

Free Demo

We know when a school is looking for a new school website, one of your main concerns is how easy the website is to update. We're confident in our websites, and schools often comment on how easy they are to use.

We're more than happy to provide you with a demo so you can test it out yourselves, give us a call now on 0845 68 01274 to request a visit or login details.

Google Analytics

So what is Google Analytics? It's a free service offered by Google that provides website owners with useful statistics on their website visitors. At a basic level you can see how many visitors your school website receives, but it can become much more indepth, (that's if you want it to!)

It's simple to set up and start using and we'll integrate it into your new website for free and give you a quick insight into how to use it. All you will need is a Google account of some sort and to give us this email address.

You can see how long your website visitors stay on your website, which content is most popular, where your website visitors come from and even the device they are using. More complex uses include setting up goals to measure conversions, e.g. completing a form and you can even get this info straight into your inbox in the form of a report. Useful eh!

Overall, Google Analytics is a great tool for analysing how well your website is doing, and which parts of it may need improvement. A great free tool.

Responsive Websites

Many people may have heard of "responsive web design" but some may not be sure what it actually means. It refers to how a website responds when used on a mobile or tablet - if it's responsive the website will reflow so that the layout changes to fit the device you are using. On our portfolio page you'll see examples of this in action, or even visit this website on your phone and you'll see what we mean! With so many people using their mobiles and tablets to access the internet, it's becoming increasingly important for websites to be mobile and tablet friendly. It also makes it super-easy for parents to quickly check for important info such as school closure due to bad weather.

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